Imagine you have hundreds of megabytes of picture that you need to upload to StoreAutomator, you can upload all by using an FTP site; just put all pictures into a folder in your computer with an excel file as a guide for matching SKUs with picture file names, zip the folder and upload it to the FTP site, and initiate download from DX channels and that's it.

How to prepare the images zip file

Images zip file is prepared as the regular upload file, click here to view the article. One important thing is, in the zip file, pictures and the excel file must be in the root folder.

When your zip file is ready, you can upload the zip file to your FTP site.

How to setup the DX channel

  1. Go to Tools>DX Channels,

  2. click on "Add DX Channel",

  3. Select "FTP Channel",

  4. Enter a Name for this channel and Click on Create,

  5. Click on Settings for this channel towards right hand side, and select 'FTP Connection'

  6. In this dialog box enter the server URL address, user name and password

  7. if required from your end, fill in the import folder and specify a folder for process files. StoreAutomator always moves the file from import folder to the processed folder, also put a result report for the processes file.

  8. When finished save the information.

  9. If the FTP site information is correct the channel lamp will turn to green color.

  10. Copy the pictures file to the FTP site

  11. When ready, click on the Download button to start the download,

After clicking on the download button follow up with the FTP program, as the system will add a result file after processing the zip file.

Also you can check import's progress from import history that is located at Tools>Import.

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