Feature Functionality Updates

  • Ebay Promotions can be imported as drop-down available for the listings

  • Local and Remote category info were added under the channel item identity.

  • Default filters added to channel product table. The filters are ProductUpdateOn, ProductUpdateOff, FastListingSoft, FastListingHard.

  • Amazon update methods which are PartialUpdate and Replace added to channel product table.

  • On the go, Create Custom field button added to Template editor.(The button create custom field with its all options and add automatically as source)

  • Amazon order details URL was changed.

  • If all items have been cancelled in an order from Shopify, the order set as cancelled automatically.

  • Added channel filter to All Channels sales order table.

  • Date info can be entered to Order tracking.

API Updates

  • lastUpdatedFrom and lastUpdatedTo uri added to product API V3.

  • sku, masterSku and productSku added to order items on API V3.

  • Warehouse and warehouse item fetch endpoint added to API V3.

  • Kit creation endpoint added to API V3.

  • API V3 document updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Set combine quantity bug fixed.

  • Unmanaged item list download link bug fixed.

  • Shopify shipping method bug fixed.

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