Imagine you have a couple thousand aliases that need to be created. The faster way to do this is to create Aliases or Alternate SKUs with the help of bulk action files.

Provide all column names as given below for proper addressing of your feed. Store Automator accepts .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .zip file formats. File size should not exceed 20MB. Below is a list of Fields for the system to process your data at a minimum level.

The 1st cell of the 1st column must have the following text: AliasCreation.sku.

Following column headers can be one of the field names (except alias_sku) listed below. Name Fields can be in any sequence.





master sku to create alias or alt sku from.

Used for converting SKUs to aliases, required.


New alias or alt sku to be created



New parent SKU for the new alias SKU


Defines conversion mode

Required. Values can be: alias or alternateSku,

alt_sku, altsku

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