Cloning creates an exact copy of the master product, and records it with a different product name and SKU. Cloning also can copy all channel overrides if the product has any. Cloning modes for Parent, Children and Single Products are listed below:

1- Parent products can be cloned as, either a Single Parent or as a family, the parent and all of its children, this is achieved by checking "Create Parent's children too" option while cloning,

2- Child products can be cloned as Single only,

3- Also, single products can be cloned as Single.

Product cloning can be very useful to solve problems such as, if the products have been created with the wrong SKUs, you can simply clone wrong SKU products and enter correct SKU information; or if you want to create a new family with half of the current family’s members, you can simply clone the parent and necessary children with different SKUs.

To clone a product:

1. Go to Menu > Inventory > Products.

2. Find the product you want to clone in the list. Click on the Actions drop-down menu towards the right-hand side and choose “Clone”.

Clone a Product

3. In the upcoming dialog box provide a new name for the product and click on “Clone”, and immediately click on “Edit” to start editing the new product.

If you check on “Auto SKU” the system will generate a new SKU number, if you have a new SKU, check off Auto SKU and enter on your own.

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