Templates can be used to display your data in different formatted shapes by replacing, merging, rephrasing, or reformatting to meet required needs without changing your data. For example:

  • You can add “SALE” before the description,

  • Add “10% OFF” after some certain clause in any description,

  • Exclude the product from channel feeds if the product has certain clauses in the ingredients,

  • Include products for certain channel feeds, etc

To achieve this, templates need to be defined, programmed and assigned to applicable channels.

Channels have their own data fields and formatting for product listings, and they only accept feeds formatted to their own way. These are called “Default Templates.”

StoreAutomator uses default templates for mapping your internal data fields to the channel’s required target fields. Templates can be used to create outbound data feeds or to override the system’s default data templates for any channel [link to default templates]

Templates page can be accessed from Menu > Settings > Templates.

Product Data Templates

>> Create a New Product Data Template

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