StoreAutomator has the ability to import and execute bulk action files prepared to perform a specific purpose. You can change channel inclusion settings for each item with the help of bulk action files.

Provide all column names in English for proper addressing of your feed. Store Automator accepts .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .zip file formats. File size should not exceed 20MB. Below is a list of Fields for the system to process your data at a minimum level.

The 1st cell of the 1st column must have the following text: multichannel.channelInclusions.sku( or 0.channelInclusions.sku ) and channel_name field must be included.

This cell can also be[channel_number].ChannelInclusions.sku,this syntax will apply the procedure to all items in that channel, and channel_name field must be omitted.

Following column headers can be one of the field names (except sku) listed below. Name Fields can be in any sequence.







Max, 50 characters, SKU is needed to create a product cannot be changed, required.


Channel name



Inclusion Value for this channel

Values: Include, included, exclude, excluded, default,

If cell is empty it will set to default

Fields are needed to perform channel inclusion operations. Please refer to channel inclusion document for more information.

Click here to download the import file.

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