Analytics are used to figure sales and profit of your items for each channel. Analytics provide a great deal of strategic data essential for your business growth. All data can be seen in the global dashboard or item level dashboard.

For example, you can see:


  • Total orders, profit, and revenue on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis or within a custom time frame,

  • Last 7 days revenue and profit indicators,

  • Bestsellers ordered item wise and revenue-wise,

  • Aggregate order sales for each weekday, weekly, and monthly

  • Channel (e.g: Amazon US) performance and compare with other Amazon channels

  • Analysis of Profitable months or weekdays

Product level:

  • Sales, profit, and revenue on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

  • Minimum, Maximum Sales price from the repricer

  • Performance of this item on all channels

  • Inventory history

  • Variant performance

The Main Dashboard

This is the main screen to view the performance of your eCommerce business. At a glance, you can see total sales, order counts, profit, both for current conditions and for the last seven days; bestsellers, and all pertaining history for a specific channel on this screen.

Main Analytics Dashboard

> To see total sales, view the dashboard selecting “All Channels”,

> To see sales for a specific channel select the specific channel,

> StoreAutomator’s analytical skills are at most powerful due to being able to select the timeframe for the analysis from a wide variety of options. On the upper right-hand corner click on the textbox to select the time frame as:

  • Today, or yesterday,

  • Weekly: this week, last week, last seven days,

  • Monthly: this month, last month, last thirty days,

  • Annually: this year, last year, last 365 days,

  • Last 60 – 90 – 180 days,

  • Custom range, To select a custom range first make sure to select the start date and later select the end date, then click apply.

  • Anytime you can click on the “download” button to import an excel file for Sales or Bestsellers,

  • To see the highest revenue yielding products click on “Revenue”; list shown from highest to lowest,

  • In bestsellers or Revenue, you can click on any product to see this product’s Dashboard,

  • General Dashboard has the following graphs:

>> Order Count,

>> Revenue/Profit,

>> Profit Margin,

>> Change behavior of sales, as Changes

>> Trend Line graphs,

>> Graphs can be manipulated to emphasize distribution vs. time range in the horizontal axis; daily, weekly, or monthly.

>> Daily having the highest and monthly having the lowest data resolution

  • Changes Graph shows any deviation in revenue or profit from the day before (or the week, or month),

Aggregate tab:

Order Count
  • The “Daily” button: Clicking on this button shows a graph for combined sales for days of the week; E.g.: the graph adds up and displays the number for all orders received on all Sundays combined in the given time frame,

  • The “Weekly” Button: Clicking on this button shows the graph for combined sales for each week of the year (W1 thru W52) if the time frame is more than a year. It will show only available data if the time frame is less than a year; some weeks will have no data.

  • The “Monthly” Button: Clicking on this button shows the graph for combined sales for each month of the fiscal year (Months 1 thru 12) if the time frame is more than a year. It will show only available data if the time frame is less than a year; some months will have no data.

Channel performance tab:

Channel Performance

Click on this tab to display each channel’s share in total sales, in the form of pie charts. Data are available for orders, revenue, and profit.

  • Hovering your mouse on a pie slice displays the channel name, the total score (depending on the pie chart you are looking at, either Sales, Revenue, or Profit) achieved in the given time frame, and the share percentage of that channel in total sales.

  • Below the pie chart is the color legend for all participants in the chart; click on arrows to display other participants' ID and color.

  • The home page for Dashboard is the Sales tab.

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