StoreAutomator’s repricing system automatically changes an item’s price to maximize your profit and minimize inventory costs. It is a useful tool as it knows your requirements and it continuously tracks competitor prices and sales volume. It proactively adjusts prices to beat competitor prices on Amazon and help you win the BuyBox. Amazon Repricer can:

> Lower your prices just a little and place your ranking just ahead of your competitor

> If there is no competition increases your item’s price

> Protects you from getting warnings from manufacturers as it will keep prices within their range

StoreAutomator has a rule-based repricing algorithm that changes an item’s price automatically in accordance with the following rules and conditions:

> Repricer settings,

> Manufacturer’s minimum, maximum pricing limits,

> Competitor prices,

> Your sales volume,

> Your pricing target,

> Change can occur both as an increase or decrease in prices.

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