Fast listing is a useful feature to list your items on Amazon by using the existing listings. To do a fast listing in Amazon the items you want to list must be in Amazon’s current listings and must have an ASIN number (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Once there is an ASIN number you can fast list any item you have.

There are two types of fast listings, one is the same exact listing; which is called “Amazon Listing”, the other one is the ASIN with barcode override. Sometimes your item’s barcode might differ from the existing listing in Amazon; in this case, you can simply override the barcode field of the existing listing with your own.

The procedure

You have created your listings at the inventory level, and ready to upload,

1. Check Amazon for your listings and determine which ones you want to link with current items and the ones that don’t exist.

2. Fast listing:

  1. Select Amazon from your channels,
  2. Go to Amazon > Channel Products,
  3. Select the item you want to fast list,
  4. Click on the pencil icon towards the right of the listing, this will open the product override screen,
  5. Under the “General” and “identity” tabs click on the “Enable Fast Listing” checkbox to activate fast listing; doing so displays the “ASIN Override” text box.
  6. Normally fast listing is utilized by using Standard product Id which is the barcode of the product, in this case, you don’t have to enter a value for the ASIN field.
  7. If your product is lacking barcode information or the current listing’s barcode mismatch with yours, then a valid ASIN of an existing Amazon listing is needed to successfully link your product,
  8. Click on “Save and close”,
  9. Once you finished all ASIN overrides click on the “Refresh” button towards the left of the “Amazon USA” channel,
  10. Your new barcodes will be uploaded to Amazon
Fast List on Amazon

3. If you have listings that don’t exist on Amazon you need to create listings from scratch.

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