You can remove your listings from eBay with a couple of simple methods.

  1. First, switch to your eBay channel Menu > Channels > eBay,

  2. Then go to Menu > eBay channel >Channel products, the first tab shows all products in this channel while working in the first tab,

  3. Click on checkboxes for all the products that you want to exclude from the channel,

  4. On top of the list click on the button “Bulk Actions” and Choose “Remove from this channel” OR,

  5. Find the product you want to remove from the channel, click on the drop-down menu towards the right-hand side next to the edit button, and click on “Remove From This Channel”, OR

  6. Go to: Menu > eBay > Channel Products > Inclusion Control and click on the tab “Product Inclusion Control”, find the product you want to remove from the channel and click on the Exclude button,

  7. Click on the “Update Content” button towards the top right of your screen,

  8. Once you receive a content update notification, you can click on the “Sync” button next to the channel name, to send information to eBay to exclude from the channel,

  9. It is a good idea to check updates from eBay by clicking on the “Sync” button in the next half an hour or so, to check for upload errors, if there are any.

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