When there are too many products to enter manually, the StoreAutomator system can bulk import product data using a .csv file. It’s in the best interest of most users to upload a separate .csv file for each active sales channel.

Locating a single sales channel

1. A single channel can be selected by clicking the down arrow that appears to the left of the word ‘Global’ on the main dashboard,

2. When that arrow is clicked, a list of connected marketplaces will appear, allowing for any marketplace to be selected,

3. Within the chosen marketplace, a specific channel can be selected,

4. Now that a specific channel has been selected, the data feed feature can be found by first clicking the plus sign that appears to the right of the word ‘Tools’ to expand the navigation pane,

5. Then click on the word ‘Upload.’

Bulk Import for Product Creation

6. To ensure a smooth upload, we recommend downloading the data feed file specs and using the attached template. To do so, click the words ‘Click Here.’

Once the file has been saved, it can be opened for use.

The data feed file explained.

Note that the data feed file contains two (2) sheets, each appearing as tabs at the bottom of the document. One sheet is labeled ‘Specification,’ and the other is labeled ‘Template.’

The Specification sheet contains explanations for each field that appears on the Template. Column A lists each of the column headers that appear in the Template.

Column B describes each of those headers, along with instructions on how to handle parent/child product types.

Column C tells which pieces of data are required for updates vs. creating new products and not required.

Column D provides misc. Notes that give further instruction in areas we feel require additional explanation.

When filling out the actual Template, be sure to complete all required fields and double-check the data for accuracy. Should there be any questions not answered on the Specification sheet, we can be contacted for additional support.

When complete, the data should be copied and pasted to a new Excel file and saved in a .csv format.

Uploading a Data Feed File to StoreAutomator System

To upload a completed data feed file, the file can be dragged and dropped into the screen below, or the screen can be clicked, allowing a file to be chosen from the user’s hard drive.

Uploaod a Data Feed File

The user will then be asked to name the new file and save it to their selected location.

Once the file has been selected, the StoreAutomator system will notify when the upload process is complete.

Export for Editing Product Data

A pop up will appear, letting the user know that they have a new notification.

This notification can be accessed by clicking the bell icon near the top left corner of the screen.

The newest notification will appear at the top of the list (if there is more than one notification). Click to download the newest ‘Data Import Error Report.’

Once the file has been properly saved, it can be opened and reviewed to determine what errors occurred during the most recent data feed file upload. Using this error report, the user can correct the errors in the data feed file and re-upload.

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